Keepin’ it Real

This is my first blog post in a very long time. I find that I do not write as often as I would like. I decide I am going to write more, or even decide to write daily and I still find myself not doing it. I realized why today; it is because I want to bring my best self to Mental Impressions, to this blog, and to you the reader.

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I wish I were feeling it

I have decided in this moment after writing several drafts of another article; that it is extremely important that I write a conversational piece every so often. With every few posts that are somewhat informative and more formal, you can now come to expect a more free post that I will just write what I feel and more importantly what I feel needs to be shared.

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Get Back to Nature

Sand and SunSpring is here and looking outside it is very clear that it is going to be a beautiful one! I realized while at the local beach yesterday with my wife and son, that we need more nature in our lives. For all those wondering, yes it is a bit early for the beach unless you are an Aseltine-we love the beach every season of the year, yes I did go in the water and, yes it was cold. But, I loved it, as I stood in the water I was able to reconnect with nature and I was rejuvenated.

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Law of Attraction: A Cautionary Tale Part One

I have wanted to write something on the Law of Attraction for some time now but every time I start to think about the topic or begin to write, I stop. I was unsure as to why so I set it aside up until this point. Today I realized why. Many “teachers” discuss the Law of Attraction at great length as if they have a secret insight into the hidden mysteries of the universe and speak as if they have completely mastered something that we have only just begun to become aware of.

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Then and Now: The Journey to Mental Impressions

I tend to lean towards a more scholarly style of article writing for Mental Impressions, I feel that it gives more to the reader and allows the writing to function primarily as an informative piece. I realize this technically is a blog of sorts and part of the fun of a blog is getting to be a little more personal, which allows you, as the reader, to get a better sense of who I am and what I represent. I’d like to start writing a post every so often that is a little more laid back and informal; something that allows us to have a little more fun.

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