Practices and Techniques


Simple is always better in my book, so today we’re going to do some K.I.S.S. “keep it simple [smarty]”. Whoever made up the original acronym needs some serious help with their positive mental attitude and directing their mind in a desirable direction. We need to focus on what we want and I am sure we all desire to be at least a little smarter, hence the change, and let’s be honest you are super intelligent if you decided to visit mentalimpressions[dot]com and read this article so I think it’s safe to call you a smarty and not that other word that we won’t even mention.

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Two-Step Process to Encourage Self-Confidence

Self-confidence doesn’t just happen it is cultivated and there are two key components to encouraging the development of your own self-confidence. First, you have to do more and second, you have to praise more. Self-confidence comes gradually over time from the praise we receive after we take action. This seems simple enough but often we don’t stop to think about it. As children when we do something like laugh or smile and our parents get extremely excited and praise us, exclaiming how amazingly wonderful and vastly superior we are for accomplishing this milestone, how do we respond?

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The Mother of All Success

Repetition, as with learning, is a wonderful tool when it comes to success. If you know nothing else other than your desire and you repeat that desire consistently and constantly and then take action with persistence and belief, being sure to always refocus on your desire along the way, you will achieve that desire! Repeating a desire allows your mind to tune in to it, it tells your mind, “This is what we are focusing on and we will have it.” It shows your mind what you believe is important for it to spend its energy accomplishing. And in return your mind will begin to utilize all its faculties to help see it through to completion. Your mind is a very powerful tool and repetition is a very basic way to start getting that mental power working for you in a focused and directed way.

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Root it in LOVE!

When most people sit down to start a project they typically begin with: planning, further defining the idea to create clarity of purpose, or maybe even visualizing the process of achieving the desire and/or the completed desire itself. I like to do something different when I start anything, whether it is a new project or a new day, I Root it in Love. I have multiple ways of doing this and enjoy using this concept in every area of my life and with anything that I see as crucial to the completion of a goal or to achieving and maintaining joy or success.

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