Keepin’ it Real

This is my first blog post in a very long time. I find that I do not write as often as I would like. I decide I am going to write more, or even decide to write daily and I still find myself not doing it. I realized why today; it is because I want to bring my best self to Mental Impressions, to this blog, and to you the reader.

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Desire: The First Ingredient

Mental Impressions-Meme3I have observed over the years many people: friends, family, acquaintances who have claimed to long for more out of life. But, the funny thing is, most of them do not believe that they can have better so they don’t even attempt to desire such a thing. It is a strange and paradoxical thing to watch someone long for something while at the same time see that an actual desire for it is absent.

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Success – Where to Start?

We often ask ourselves this question when we first start out on the road to success.  Knowing this I decided to write something to point you in the right direction and get you started properly.  Following this article are some instructions that I suggest you attempt to follow. Give continued conscious effort to following these instructions until you fully understand the deeper levels.

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