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At Mental Impressions we guide our readers in self-awareness and mental growth with daily practices and teachings to prepare their minds for success in every area of life. We are dedicated to unlocking the potential within and allowing our readers to experience a more satisfying and abundant life.

Our mission at Mental Impressions is to create a resource that can help someone develop themselves and grow; meeting them where they are and taking them upward and onward to success in every area of life. Whether someone has never read any self-help or they’ve read it all, our goal is to have something for everyone from bottom to top. Our co-founder Chris has spent many years accomplishing this ascent in his own personal life and often was frustrated with the amount of searching he had to do to find all the answers he required to develop and grow. We understand that everyone is different and everyone must learn in their own way. We are striving to approach each topic from as many different angles as we can so that everyone can understand them and receive value from spending their time at mentalimpressions[dot]com.

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