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Hi I’m C.A. Aseltine the founder and CEO of Mental Impressions. My mission for Mental Impressions is to create a resource that can help you achieve your goals. I have explored many possible avenues for accomplishing this over the years and ultimately decided that one tool and some knowledge could help you achieve your goals. The tool I’m talking about is affirmations and specifically affirmation recordings. It is my belief that affirmations, and correct knowledge about them, are all you need outside of your own action, drive, and determination to succeed. You can take a well crafted goal, affirmations to support that goal, and knowledge about the proper use of affirmations and find a vision that will take you to your desire. The best thing about affirmations is that even without a clear goal they will take you places and if they are crafted correctly those affirmations will take you in a desirable direction. This is not to say that you may not need to develop or struggle, all it is saying is that committed and dedicated daily use of affirmations with proper action could help you achieve your goals.

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