Simple is always better in my book, so today we’re going to do some K.I.S.S. “keep it simple [smarty]”. Whoever made up the original acronym needs some serious help with their positive mental attitude and directing their mind in a desirable direction. We need to focus on what we want and I am sure we all desire to be at least a little smarter, hence the change, and let’s be honest you are super intelligent if you decided to visit mentalimpressions[dot]com and read this article so I think it’s safe to call you a smarty and not that other word that we won’t even mention.

So in the spirit of keeping it simple we are going to go over some super quick and super powerful affirmations that you can use to start your day right. Make sure you say them with positive feeling and belief, in other words, say it like you mean it people! I would recommend saying each affirmation ten to twenty times to really build that mind up but as always the amount of mental reps you perform is up to you.

1. “I expect the best and I receive the best.”

For this first affirmation I have to give credit where credit is due, it came from one of my favorite authors, Norman Vincent Peale and his very helpful book “The Power of Positive Thinking.” I love this affirmation and use it often throughout my day. It’s a great pick me up for when you notice your expectations are not quite what they should be. I also have this statement written out on a note card and placed on my fridge where my wife and I can see it often. I have found this to be well worth the effort and an ideal placement for optimum impressions.

2. “I am in the habit of being excellent.”

I created this affirmation based on Aristotle’s observation of excellence, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” I desired to be excellent and if being excellent was a matter of habit I figured I better get myself in the habit of it and quickly, so I made this affirmation. I started repeating it to myself often as I worked, taking time of course to stop and give myself a little pat on the back whenever I noticed myself doing something that I deemed excellent and then continuing to repeat the affirmation with a smile on my face and a sense of accomplishment.

3. “I am persistent.”

When you are on the road to success persistence is a must have if you are going to cross the finish line of success. Making this affirmation a must if you desire success in every area of life; and that is what we here at Mental Impressions are all about: success in every area of life. Persistence is defined as continuing firmly or obstinately in a course of action in spite of difficultly or opposition. I love to write as positively as possible and keep out all of the garbage, but this definition is a required read to understand what it takes to succeed. Depending on where you are in your journey of achievement you may or may not have realized that there are things inside you and outside you, that do not want to see you succeed. I am one who tends to paint a pretty picture and this was an inescapable truth: there is bad in the world; there are bad people, and even the best people in the world will show you a side you have never seen when you’re on your way to success and they are not. The statement ‘misery loves company’ exists for a reason. I really wish we lived in a world where it did not need to be said but be warned, watch your back, front, and side especially around those you normally let your guard down around.

4. “I am confident.”

Confidence is key to accomplishing anything and everything; you need general confidence in yourself and confidence in your ability to do whatever it may be you desire to do. I’ll be honest, this one took me a bit to be able to say, well, confidently and if you have a similar experience I have a couple suggestions: start out small with just the word confidence and build up to a full blown ownership over it or keep it simple and begin with a desire for confidence, “I desire to be more confident.” Focusing your mind on either of these two things will get you moving in the right direction while you build more self-confidence and will start allowing you to notice situations and instances where you deserve to be confident.

5. “I am good.”

You would be surprised how many of us who are pretty decent people do not actually think so most the time. We tend to beat ourselves up throughout the day, especially those of us who are attempting to better ourselves and become more successful. So, it’s just good practice to remind yourself that you are good and it makes sure you keep yourself on the light side of the force, which is always a plus.

6. “I am kind.”

Once again, this is a great reminder but also I have found that those of us who are focused and driven can tend to be a bit to the point (Thanks to my lovely wife for making sure I am always aware of this one when I slip up!). So to my industrious friends out there, let’s make sure we are being kind about our persistence and express our desires to others in the best, most loving way possible.

7. “Today is a great day.”

I like to say things as if they are done already, for example “I am confident” not “be confident”, I just prefer to focus on where I desire to go and not the steps it takes to get there. I feel the first produces better, more abundant results and the latter tends to lean towards a “lack consciousness”. Plus, if we added “going to be” to this affirmation we may wind up spending all day wondering when the great part of the day is going to start. I think it’s better to just proclaim the whole day great and let it be. Eventually this affirmation will take hold and you’ll notice the low bar lifting to meet your demand of greatness.

8. “I am grateful for today.”

You have to be grateful. How’s that for simple? And what better thing is there to be grateful for than another day with which to live and do all sorts of wonderful things? So, as the old adage goes, while this statement may be last it certainly is not least and should be said with the combined enthusiasm of or greater enthusiasm than all the other affirmations I have shared.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, a very fine and very simple list of affirmations to start your day with. If you want to be a super overachiever you can even end your day with them as well, maybe even have them for lunch. As always many blessings and much love from, all of us here at Mental Impressions and thank you for visiting mentalimpressions[dot]com.


About the Author:

Christopher A. Aseltine has over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience across several different industries. For the past 9 years he has been delving into the world of self-help and success. He has always had a passion for helping others, counseling and helping friends and family from a young age. Christopher has decided to take the knowledge and experience he has gained over the last decade and a half and present it all in one place in order to reach and help the broadest audience possible.

Christopher is married to his wife, Nicole, with two children, Ariana and Ace. He enjoys music and plays several instruments. His life’s passion is business and marketing. He is enthusiastic, fun-loving, and can sometimes be a bit over the top, although those that know him well might say always over the top. His hope and goal with Mental Impressions is to use that passion and enthusiasm to serve others well.

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