Deciding to Master Yourself

When you are first beginning to realize that you have the ability to control and direct your mind you notice all your thoughts and feelings rushing by; all the connections begin to light up and origins of thoughts and patterns of habit begin to appear clearly. When you find yourself looking at all those thoughts, all those feelings, and all the other variables that come before and after; what do you do?

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Root it in LOVE!

When most people sit down to start a project they typically begin with: planning, further defining the idea to create clarity of purpose, or maybe even visualizing the process of achieving the desire and/or the completed desire itself. I like to do something different when I start anything, whether it is a new project or a new day, I Root it in Love. I have multiple ways of doing this and enjoy using this concept in every area of my life and with anything that I see as crucial to the completion of a goal or to achieving and maintaining joy or success.

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Success – Where to Start?

We often ask ourselves this question when we first start out on the road to success.  Knowing this I decided to write something to point you in the right direction and get you started properly.  Following this article are some instructions that I suggest you attempt to follow. Give continued conscious effort to following these instructions until you fully understand the deeper levels.

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