Why should I improve myself?

The act of bettering yourself is highly rewarding for several reasons, when it comes to achieving success in every area of life, it becomes extremely beneficial to improve yourself. With every step you take towards a better you, you in fact simplify the process of bettering your life in whatever areas you desire to improve.

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Knowing Who You Are

We are each ourselves; sounds very simple and like a, “well duh” thing to say but sometimes we need to remind ourselves of that. We are here to be us, not anyone else. Each of us is unique, no one can argue with that and we all understand that on some level. Even twins are unique in a multitude of ways from birth marks to personality, professions to beliefs; there are noticeable and measurable differences between all of us. We are all very similar as well, more alike than we are different; but within the differences we find our uniqueness and that is what is ours to shape. We have to remind ourselves of this very important fact often. I believe we must exercise our ability to shape this portion of ourselves consistently and constantly; to ensure we hone this craft of self-formation. We must explore ourselves and expand to our own individual vision. If we all do this we all will be exactly what we want to be, exactly what we’re meant to be.

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Igniting the Fires of Passion

What is passion and how do we express it? How do we harness its power to create something amazing in our life? Can we make passion or is it something forged on the inside in total mystery? Where does passion come from and where does it go? I have had passion for so many things in my life, some instantly and some built strong over time. Passion that crept in out of nowhere until it would no longer go unnoticed and burst forth in action. I have observed my passion as it flew away, unaware and unable to stop it; stunned as I felt the feeling leave, longing for its return. I have attempted to be passionate and failed. I have decided to be passionate about something and I was successful. I have had people inspire passion within me, events, a moment; I’ve looked up and been hit with passion but how and why? What is passion and what can it do to help us succeed?

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Deciding to Master Yourself

When you are first beginning to realize that you have the ability to control and direct your mind you notice all your thoughts and feelings rushing by; all the connections begin to light up and origins of thoughts and patterns of habit begin to appear clearly. When you find yourself looking at all those thoughts, all those feelings, and all the other variables that come before and after; what do you do?

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