Knowing Who You Are

We are each ourselves; sounds very simple and like a, “well duh” thing to say but sometimes we need to remind ourselves of that. We are here to be us, not anyone else. Each of us is unique, no one can argue with that and we all understand that on some level. Even twins are unique in a multitude of ways from birth marks to personality, professions to beliefs; there are noticeable and measurable differences between all of us. We are all very similar as well, more alike than we are different; but within the differences we find our uniqueness and that is what is ours to shape. We have to remind ourselves of this very important fact often. I believe we must exercise our ability to shape this portion of ourselves consistently and constantly; to ensure we hone this craft of self-formation. We must explore ourselves and expand to our own individual vision. If we all do this we all will be exactly what we want to be, exactly what we’re meant to be.

To accomplish this transformation of self, to say the least, requires a whole slew of learning and determination. If we are to grab hold of ourselves and thus our lives and forge them into the beautiful hopes, dreams, and desires we all see inside we must begin to look inside. There comes a point on our journey where we must begin to look within for understanding and guidance; both, for self and from self but also concerning the things of the physical world. We must begin to take time to meditate, explore within, and seek the silence. Mental silence is a must if you are determined to achieve the success you so strongly seek in each area of your life. If you truly desire to master yourself and thus master all areas of your life you must seek the silence and seek it often. In these quiet moments you’ll find more understanding from a single thought then an entire book may allow in weeks of reading. I have many times found myself attempting to silence my mind, seeking total mental silence, and glimpsed it for just a second immediately followed by a deep knowing of something previously undiscovered. It happens in a flash, all of a sudden this string of words holds such profound meaning and you just get it. Almost as if a gift handed to your mind from the universe, a reward for your effort to achieve silence.

In these moments of silence the layers begin to peel back and the true nature of self starts to show. Slowly we see our intended selves appearing within our imagination and in our physical lives. We let go of control and are gifted control of a whole new set of understandings that take us closer to our desires. Our greatest realization is that this version of us that is unlocking is actually who we’ve always longed to be in every way, it is who we are meant to be. You need to start to search for you, the true you, not the you seen in the mirror. Or the one you see yourself to be in your mind’s eye. The you behind the “I”. Who is this “I”? And, what am I? What does this mean? What does this change? What does this improve? The answer to all of these questions is, “everything.”

Take a moment right now, close your eyes. It’s ok, we’ll still be here we’re not going anywhere, just play along. For all the smart ones out there thinking, “jokes on you I won’t know what to do if I close my eyes,” please read the instructions first then close your eyes. So then, now that we’re all participating you’re going to: close your eyes, take three long deep breaths, and begin to observe your natural breath. Try to allow your breath to flow in and out freely as it would without you observing it but notice the breath enter and exit the body. Once you’re mind calms and your thoughts begin to quiet themselves more and more take another long slow breathe. Mentally focus on, “I”, think it slowly a few times then switch to “I am” slowly repeat it a few times and begin to rotate between the two thoughts. At this point or sometime before focus your intention on observing “I”. Notice “I”, and then ask, “Who is “I”? What is “I”? Allow it to sink in, ponder the thought and see where your understanding takes you. This is a good exercise for everyone, at any stage of life and any understanding. All can benefit from this simple meditation and hopefully many will.

You must take the time to sit and be silent, it is vital to our development in every area of life. When I first began meditating you wouldn’t believe the amount of moving around I would do. Sitting on the floor with my legs crossed, leaning forward, rocking side to side trying to get my body to relax and at least be able to fake comfort. But I promise in time it will get easier and easier. As with everything else, it takes practice and depending on your physical shape and flexibility it may require you to sit in a chair or on a couch. As long as your feet are firm on the floor and your back is straight it’s fine. You can sit on the floor with your legs out in front of you or however you chose, whatever makes you comfortable and able to relax quietly in silence. I often find myself switching from one position to another after a prolonged period of time to keep my legs from falling asleep. I myself have had back issues in the past and have found this very helpful in maintaining proper blood flow allowing me to mediate for longer periods of time. Now of course the ultimate goal is to sit still and be silent for extended periods of time in, I would assume and hope, some comfort. But we all have to start somewhere, I’m sure not every monk walked into the monastery knowing how to be still and be ok with it. There are lots of great guided mediations online as well; YouTube is a wonderful source for these. When I first began practicing meditation I sometimes found myself requiring direction and these make it so you can focus your attention on mediating, not instructing yourself which I found myself sometimes needing to do. “Quiet your mind Chris, calm your mind, mental silence, allow the thoughts,” and so on; I remember at times wanting to be silent but myself wouldn’t let myself almost as if a turf war in a 50s dinner had begun. “Hey get outta here.” “No, I like thinking ‘peanuts’ over and over again. You just stop listening.” “I’ve tried, I’ve even convinced myself you were sure to stop soon but here we are.” It can get pretty wily in there so watch out!

If you want to have the good life, the best of the best, success in every area of life you have to know yourself and utilize yourself to your fullest potential and that happens inside. So, take a piece of paper or a note card, write “Seek the Silence Daily.”, and post it somewhere that you’re sure to see it often. And then do it!! Every single day make yourself stare at that sign, read it over and over again; turn it into songs until you have an all consuming desire to seek the silence daily. Once you do and you get it to stick you’ll find yourself always making time for the silence. After a while you’ll even get to meet and be the true you, and that my friend is an awesome day indeed!


About the Author:

Christopher A. Aseltine has over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience across several different industries. For the past 9 years he has been delving into the world of self-help and success. He has always had a passion for helping others, counseling and helping friends and family from a young age. Christopher has decided to take the knowledge and experience he has gained over the last decade and a half and present it all in one place in order to reach and help the broadest audience possible.

Christopher is married to his wife, Nicole, with two children, Ariana and Ace. He enjoys music and plays several instruments. His life’s passion is business and marketing. He is enthusiastic, fun-loving, and can sometimes be a bit over the top, although those that know him well might say always over the top. His hope and goal with Mental Impressions is to use that passion and enthusiasm to serve others well.

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