Success – Where to Start?

We often ask ourselves this question when we first start out on the road to success.  Knowing this I decided to write something to point you in the right direction and get you started properly.  Following this article are some instructions that I suggest you attempt to follow. Give continued conscious effort to following these instructions until you fully understand the deeper levels.

You don’t need money to make money, nor do you need fruit to make fruit.  All you need is your time, your effort, and your believe!  With this you can acquire all that you need, a seed to plant or a dollar to start.  It has been said, “Where there is a will there is a way”.  What then is the ‘will’?  For that is your way.  Will, is the mental faculty by which a person decides on and initiates action.  So then, decision and initiation are (rightly so) the starting point from which a ‘way’ may be found.  Let’s restate that, for a way to be found you must have will, you must decide on and initiate action.  You must be moving towards a decision to find the way to the decision.  We also know a body in motion stays in motion, so once in motion we can maintain belief, knowing the way will continue to be shown until momentum is gained.

So, get up and go for a walk, decide what it is you want (clearly define your desire), decide you’re going to have it and take action towards those decisions.  Remember, something as simple as writing your desire down on paper is an action and a great one at that!  Then keep going, keep moving, as nuggets of inspiration pop into your mind act immediately!  Follow your gut, trust yourself and always keep moving forward!  Do the next thing you can with what you have right now and where you are right now to move towards your desire; set aside all inspirations that are presently out of reach for safe keeping.  Write them down in a notebook and set it aside. Then you will preserve it in its original form for a later date when you suddenly recall the inspiration and you are in a position to act on it immediately.  For now, focus on what you can do right here and right now in the present moment; take immediate action and once successfully completed, move on to the next logical action you have the means to complete.  Do this in a spirit of absolute belief, forever holding your desire high in your heart and mind, thinking of its positive completion often while always feeling and expressing gratitude for its completion.  Do this in a spirit of absolute belief and you will have that which you desire.

Instructions going forward:

Read this again, then read it again, continue reading it multiple times daily until it unlocks in your mind.  Be sure each time you read this article to also read these instructions so that you may fully understand the wisdom they hold.  You begin to truly and fully understand new ideas as you step away and return to them; they will look and feel different each time, begin to notice this, become aware of this change in perception as they begin to unfold.  Each time the same words in the same sentences may hold new meaning; keep pushing until you understand all the deepest levels.

Final Thought:

Awareness is where growth starts; continued awareness brings new awareness which starts it all over again.  Make yourself aware of self and begin to level up!!


About the Author:

Christopher A. Aseltine has over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience across several different industries. For the past 9 years he has been delving into the world of self-help and success. He has always had a passion for helping others, counseling and helping friends and family from a young age. Christopher has decided to take the knowledge and experience he has gained over the last decade and a half and present it all in one place in order to reach and help the broadest audience possible.

Christopher is married to his wife, Nicole, with two children, Ariana and Ace. He enjoys music and plays several instruments. His life’s passion is business and marketing. He is enthusiastic, fun-loving, and can sometimes be a bit over the top, although those that know him well might say always over the top. His hope and goal with Mental Impressions is to use that passion and enthusiasm to serve others well.

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