Keepin’ it Real

This is my first blog post in a very long time. I find that I do not write as often as I would like. I decide I am going to write more, or even decide to write daily and I still find myself not doing it. I realized why today; it is because I want to bring my best self to Mental Impressions, to this blog, and to you the reader. I am not always able to be my best self, and I am not always able to bring the level of intensity and positivity to writing I would like to. So, I stop writing almost as soon as I decide to begin. I believe (until now hopefully) I have written in clusters throughout time when I felt my best and only when I felt my best because I wanted the Mental Impressions blog to be the best.

I decided today that I need to be comfortable being vulnerable. I need to bring my genuine, authentic self to the table, even when that day’s self is not the best, most positive, uplifting version of me. I want to be a master writer and I know that takes practice. I want to write so skillfully that the Mental Impressions blog becomes a magnificent resource for self-development and self-awareness; as well as an instrument to help you set and achieve goals. I want to impress your mind with the most effective and positive writing I possibly can write. To do that I have to be a well-built, well-oiled, efficient writing machine!



Thus, I am going to write because practice makes perfect. And, while I may never be perfect; as long as I am breathing, I will continue to work towards perfection. I am going to write as much as I can in as many ways as I can about success, achievement, and all things pertaining to the two until I am a skilled writer who can successfully convey my ideas and propel you towards the life you want.

Thank you for reading this Mental Impressions blog post and thank you for visiting mentalimpressions.com! I look forward to serving you from my heart with all that I can, whether I am perfect or not! Here’s to your success!

About C.A. Aseltine:

Hi, and welcome to mentalimpressions.com! I am C.A. Aseltine the founder of Mental Impressions and a student of success who has spent the last 8 years of my life searching for the answer to the question: “How do people succeed?”.  By piecing together information I discovered through reading, watching, and studying some of the greatest achievers of all time and combining it with experience, through trial and error, I developed a process, framework, and habits for achieving my goals. It is my hope that through my work I can help you obtain the mindset and an understanding of my process and philosophy of achievement so you may utilize it in your own life. I want to thank you for reading the Mental Impressions blog and utilizing other Mental Impressions resources and ultimately trusting me with your time and your mind. I understand how great of an honor this is and how big of a responsibility as well. I hope I serve you and your life well and bring joy and betterment into your life!

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