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I have decided in this moment after writing several drafts of another article; that it is extremely important that I write a conversational piece every so often. With every few posts that are somewhat informative and more formal, you can now come to expect a more free post that I will just write what I feel and more importantly what I feel needs to be shared. This is that post…

This is perfect timing because right now I have no ideas, well that’s not fair of me to say, I have plenty of ideas. I have no ideas that are grabbing hold of me and making me feel passionate. I think passion is extremely important in producing a better result and sometimes when we are doing what we must do we do not always have the spark needed to get passionate. I wonder what that is, what causes that, the spark that ignites passion naturally? I have written about passion, it was a long time ago and I cannot recall what I wrote; maybe I will go read that article after I write this. I do not want it to alter what I am saying here so I will wait and do it once I finish this.

Let me rewind a bit and clarify what I am trying to say: I do not always feel up to the task. And I have found that happens more often when the task is a part of something I feel I have to, or must, do verses something I just genuinely want to do. Mental Impressions is something I started out very much genuinely wanting to do, I was enthusiastic and very much enjoyed the notion of building this company for the purpose of helping others.

As I began to do it I struggled and those struggles led to some very tough places. I had to face myself and my flaws, and overcome them. I had to claim victory over myself in a lot of ways. That is a tough task and can leave you feeling very unworthy. In fact, I was unworthy and probably still am. There is my point explained. I know who I was and I faced that; I dissected that and rebuilt it. I see who I am and how much work still needs to be done. I may always question if I am good enough and that makes continuing on very difficult for me. Am I good enough? Can I ever be good enough? What is “good enough”? And does that even matter?

I believe I am ready either way and that is why I have begun again to build this company that I have spent 8 plus years building. I still doubt myself, and in doubting myself I am reminded of my flaws and then I start to wonder. I know I can stop doubting myself and I know I can ensure I improve myself and build trust in myself because I have, and currently am, in writing this. The next step is to find that passion and continue on once I have stopped, especially when it comes to building Mental Impressions. I have proven to myself that I can when it comes to self-improvement, I can get up dust myself of and carry on having learned a lesson and grown.
There are days where I think about Mental Impressions or I sit to begin working on the parts to build Mental Impressions and I just can’t. Now, I understand that better and thanks to you guys and writing this for you I will be able to use that understanding to improve myself even more. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and be sure to check out that article I was talking about Igniting the Fires of Passion; I am going to read it right now and hopefully it will help us to grow even more. Thank you for visiting mentalimpressions.com and reading the Mental Impressions blog.

About the Author:

C.A. Aseltine has over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience across several different industries. For the past 9 years he has been delving into the world of self-help and success. He has always had a passion for helping others, counseling and helping friends and family from a young age. C.A. Aseltine has decided to take the knowledge and experience he has gained over the last decade and a half and present it all in one place in order to reach and help the broadest audience possible.

C.A. Aseltine is married to his wife, Nicole, with three children, Ariana, Ace, and Carnegie. He enjoys music and plays several instruments. His life’s passion is business and marketing. He is enthusiastic, fun-loving, and can sometimes be a bit over the top, although those that know him well might say always over the top. His hope and goal with Mental Impressions is to use that passion and enthusiasm to serve others well.

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