Defining Success

Success is a very funny thing because there are many different standards of success based on different types of people and their sub-groups. In general, when we say something is successful we mean it is doing well, that phrase “doing well” is also defined by variables similar to success. Depending on what we are discussing, claiming something is successful can express a range of things. Being successful in business is measured differently than being successful in sports. When it comes to success and your life, it is up to us to define what success is and then work to achieve it.

We are the ones that have to live our lives and we have to determine what standards of living will constitute success for us; also, what success in every area of life looks like for us. My idea of success may be drastically different from your idea of success and to some degree that is perfectly ok as long as we are both happy with our lives and at peace with our conscience when it comes to our decisions.

We set our goals, we push to achieve them, and we decide our standards. This is commonly missed by many people as they go through youth, for one reason or another, which is a problem because if we are not told we are responsible for bringing more and better into our lives then we may end up settling for whatever comes our way. It is up to us to take hold of our lives, take hold of our minds, and drive ourselves to greater action so we may achieve greater success and greater goals.

Take a minute to close your eyes and ask yourself, “What do I want out of life?” You may be surprised by the answer and if you find yourself lacking an answer begin at once to set your standard of living and decide what it is you are to have. Then, take action to achieve it.

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